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5778262070?profile=RESIZE_400xToday I want to dedicate our social platform to George Floyd, because we want the world to find out, that we strongly condemn hate crime due to skin color or ethnicity. That cowardly act of who or those who murdered him represents a serious lack of love of neighbor and tolerance. This incoherent way of thinking that due to the color of the skin, someone can be better or worse than another, not only shows the ignorance that this type of people has about the creator of the universe, but also the total absence of that love of God in the heart, which builds and unifies lives. In my opinion, love of neighbor is greater than love of God, because he who does not love his neighbor whom he has seen, how can he say that he loves God whom he has never seen? Saying that we love God, when in fact we despise our neighbor, is a hypocritical way of behaving. Floyd's death has set the alarm bells, for all of us to reflect on and, once and for all, to end racial hatred, because whether they are white, yellow, black or albino, they are one race; The human. Our condolences to the George Floyd family
By Derwell J Fallu and the SGS Interactive Social Network of Contacts.5778242494?profile=RESIZE_400x

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