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7225088493?profile=RESIZE_584xLast year, Lady Michelle wrote to me asking me to dedicate an emotional and beautiful message to her husband, President Barack Obama, on their birthdays. This made me feel how much he means to his wife. Again today, it is the birthday of a great friend and leader, whom I have always admired for his unquestionable humility, for his dedication to service for the most vulnerable and needy, and for his great quality of human being and performance; Friend, Barack Obama, today is not only a special date for you, and your beloved family, but also, it is for me, for the great joy and satisfaction that I feel to know, that a day like today, 59 years ago that the United States of America gave us a great man and human being, who has managed to represent with dignity and very well, the highest human values, with his charism and with his empathy, with his devotion, effort and work, and today, which is your anniversary, receive from the bottom of my heart, my congratulations! May the divine creator of the universe grant you the opportunity to continue serving, in health, many more years. May God bless you, President Barack Obama! Thank you for your friendship. By Derwell Fallu

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