This is my story:🤷‍♂️

8470235292?profile=RESIZE_710xThis is my story:
Hello! My name is Derwell Fallu, I am single, from San Juan Puerto Rico.

I am a writer and poet, I consider myself a humble and dreamy person who has had to make his way in life, in the midst of the most adverse circumstances that anyone could imagine.

I can say that I have achieved great goals; such as, creating the amazing Network! SGS, and writing and publish several books , among other accomplishments.

But today I will take care to mention my books and my Network. Both of these achievements entail very great challenges, even more so when you are not an economically influential person, since both the Network and the book demand an economy, but a solid one, by less sustained.

In my case, neither of them, which makes my dream of a social platform and becoming a writer even bigger and seemingly unattainable.

Achieving these goals is only part of the dream, because the normal thing, for someone who is not wealthy, does not have fame or public recognition, since a Network is sustained by money, and when it is in its state of gestation, it which could last for years until it can be recognized worldwide, does not generate any money.

This is due to the fact that these types of social media projects generate money through the sale of advertising advertisements. And when it comes to maintaining a free network service, the expenses for network service are borne by the developer or creator.

This is not to mention, that you will always need help with what would be the design and maintenance of the Network. So far, which I have achieved for several years, and I can say that thank God, I have a stable and beautifully configured Network , and looking his way in the competitive world of the virtual field.

As for coming to become a writer, with all the law, and with your product as a registered trademark in the United States Department of State, and getting your product to achieve a place and number in the National Library of the The United States is another economic challenge that must be overcome.

And, believe me friend, that with all the odds against me, I have succeeded!

The secret to this is to believe in yourself, and perseverance; Do not allow failures in the attempt along the way, to discourage you to the point of falling into the temptation to give up.

you can fail, and you are going to fail who knows how many times, but how many times you fail, you must try again, remembering that everyone who falls does not stay on the ground, but gets up again and continues walking looking towards the target of the goal that lies ahead.

There is a way that caring people can help a dreamer of these social media projects like me, and without investing a single penny; opening your free profile account on the Web, and inviting others to join.

Our Network offers our users great options and opportunities in the interest of satisfying netizens.

My story ends here, with a well-structured Network at the service of all our users and visitors, and with my book project already available in your favorite online bookstore, or by contacting us. I am Derwell

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  • 8489792288?profile=RESIZE_710x¡Hola! Así es,

    Diana.Hay que soñar y ser perseverantes si queremos alcanzar nuestras metas.

    Es bueno recordar, que siempre vamos a encontrar gente linda que estarán dispuestas a darnos la mano, a ser de inspiración para que podamos continuar.

  • Hermosa historia . Con mucho sentido de fortaleza . Si te caes levántate algo nuevo empezará 

    • No pudiste haberlo dicho mejor!

    • 8536167888?profile=RESIZE_584xLa intercomunicación, es el fundamento de cualquier tipo de relación. Me alegra que el destino, por decirlo de alguna manera, nos haya puesto en la oportunidad de esta intercomunicación.

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